You can build a high-quality energy-efficient pre-built house or hotel cheap,but well-organized! With the specialists of company VIRMAK, who have unique knowledge and experience, the path to a modern home will be short, pleasant and profitable for You.

2. We have significantly modified the technology of SIP-panel energy-efficient housing construction.

We offers you the following professional services:
- Design of any intended use (cottages, townhouses, hotels...) on individual projects.
- Production and sales of structural insulated panels, prefabricated houses, lumber planed (kiln drying), fasteners.
- Construction of energy-efficient prefabricated buildings made of SIP panels with DSP up to three floors inclusive.

Production of SIP panels.
VIRMAK kit home

Tiny house made of
SIP panels in 2 days

VIRMAK is a group of companies with offices in Krasnodar, Sevastopol, Moscow.

The group of companies VIRMAK included:
OOO "Virmak" (Krasnodar) – design, manufacturing, construction and building materials
OOO "VR-Stroy" (Krasnodar) - constructiontion
OOO "Virmak-Opt" (Krasnodar) - wholesale building materials
OOO "VR-M-Stroy" (Moscow) - constructionn
The production complex is located at the address: Krasnodar art. Novotitarovskaya, 401B Lunacharsky street.

Fast! High quality! Cheap! Innovative!

The company VIRMAK initially developed as a manufacturing and construction organization. Huge efforts were invested both in production support, in the process of optimization-quality management of construction sites, and in the human resource.
The backbone of the company VIRMAK is formed by a team of specialists. The staff includes: designers, architects, constructors, estimators, foremen, installers, production specialists.

The company VIRMAK has all permits for the implementation of activities: a certificate of approval for design and construction. VIRMAK is a registered trademark as your own trademark. This is the prestige of the company, and insurance against dishonesty, and for customers-it is confidence in the reliability of the choice.

Certificates of conformity of manufactured products.

We are the only ones in Russia in 2018 to produce certified SIP panels with CBP with insulation stone slab based on fiberglass ISOVER Sandwich light.

The company is a full member of the chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation.

OOO "Virmak" is a member of the Union "commercial and industrial chamber of Krasnodar territory" of the Russian Federation, which promotes c reating a legal framework of market relations and business development initiatives. Membership in the chamber of Commerce profitable and prestigious as it involves the receipt by each company of certain and very tangible advantages, especially the possibility to rely on agreed positions and credibility of large enterprises influential businessmen, to a range of specialized services and advice, to use a wide network of international relations. In accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “About trading-industrial chambers in the Russian Federation” of the RF CCI and territorial chambers of Commerce shall conduct non-state Register of Russian legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, the financial and economic situation of which proves their reliability as partners for entrepreneurial activity in the Russian Federation and abroad (Register of reliable partners).


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Extensive experience in the construction, production and design of houses, cottages, hotels, social facilities: settlements, children's recreation camps in many regions of the European part of Russia and the Republic of Abkhazia.

On the photo: delivery of the object from the SIP panels to the Governor of the Saratov region in C. Pavlovka Marksovsky district in December 2011. The Governor P. L. Ipatov and zakurdaev A. technical Director VIRMACK at a press conference.

On the photo: construction of buildings in the children's camp "Hellas" (Plyakho village, Krasnodar territory).

On the photo: Governor of the Krasnodar territory V. I. Kondratev and head of the Moscow office of VIRMAK I. zakurdaev, February 2015. Genuine interest in our products has been shown.

Why us? Ten reasons to order construction from us:

- We produce SIP panels with DSP, SML, OSB, GB and house kits.
We were the first in Russia to start mass production in 2008. production of SIP panels with SML sheets, in 2014 with CBP, and in 2017 with a stone slab based on fiberglass ISOVER Sandwich light insulation.
We have the largest production in the South of Russia of modified SIP panels and house kits.
- Designers, architects, foremen have a specialized higher education, as well as a huge long-term experience in the construction of buildings made of SIP panels with DSP.
- The project for a house from SIP panels with DSP is free of charge (at the conclusion of the construction contract).
- Experience in construction since 1999. Several hundred objects were built
- The Presence of exhibition m & a houses as well as existing construction sites in the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, Crimea, Moscow and Moscow region. And our production You can visit without an appointment from 10: 00 – 16-00 MON. on FRI. In addition to the production process, it is possible to visit the SIP panel two-story house. On our base, a two-story building performs the following functions: the first floor is a technical office, the second - residential premises for employees.
- Warranty of 5 years for all types of materials. Warranty of 5 years for all types of work. The best quality in Russia at the lowest price. Indefinite warranty: cost-effectiveness of construction and operation, environmental friendliness and biostability, cost-effectiveness of operation, energy efficiency and fire safety.
- Delivery of prefabricated houses and building materials free for the construction contract.
- We conclude official contracts for all stages of work. We guarantee the absence of hidden and additional payments, as well as construction deadlines. You pay as much as specified in the contract! We are ready to discuss prices if You find a cheaper option with the same quality of materials and deadlines.
- Work on objects are carried out by qualified staff team under the guidance of engineers. We carry out copyright and technical supervision (quality control).
- Build houses with the method of prefabrication. The structure of the house is assembled from elements that are industrially manufactured in our production. A high degree of readiness of the "domokomplekt" allows you to build buildings for various purposes in a matter of weeks.