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Features of SIP-panel housing construction from the company VIRMAK

In the domestic construction market, the company VIRMAK presents the technology for the construction of cottages, hotels, administrative buildings and country houses on a turnkey basis from SIP panels with Cement-bonded particle board.

Many years of experience and analysis of its results allowed us to make significant changes in technological processes and introduce the use of innovative, energy-saving materials of our own production.

Features of SIP panels with a Cement-bonded particle board surface

Cement-bonded particle board is the basis of SIP panels, a guarantee of their strength and durability. The absolute advantages of the material include:

the appearance and fundamental nature;

the possibility of building walls up to 3.2 m high without building panels;

high fire resistance WITH ng-G1 combustibility class;

moisture resistance.

An important feature of SIP panels for building houses from VIRMAK is environmental friendliness. The new generation of materials do not contain OSB and foam, the panel design includes only CSP, as insulation is used stone wool based on fiberglass.

Advantages of using SIP panels in the construction of houses

1.The possibility of doing the work regardless of season and weather. Materials are not afraid of moisture and temperature changes.

2.High speed of work, no shrinkage. Construction of a house or cottage from SIP panels on a turnkey basis takes about six months.

3.Low material investment and affordable cost of the building. The low weight and evenness of the panels make it possible to save on finishing work and the power of the foundation.

4.High sound and thermal insulation characteristics. This ensures a multi-layered design. Panel material-wood shavings, fiber insulation.

5.Biostability, fire safety, resistance to deformation.

6.Long service life-up to 150 years.

7.Seismic stability of buildings from our panels up to 9 points!

Construction of houses and cottages from SIP panels on a turnkey basis

Technical characteristics of SIP panels with Cement-bonded particle board fully comply with the requirements of normative and technical documentation for the construction of houses, cottages, administrative buildings. Having mastered the production of these materials, our company has extensive experience in their use in the regions of Moscow, Sevastopol, and Krasnodar. And if you wish to order the construction of houses of SIP panels under the key — contact VIRMAK.

Frame floor of SIP home

House with your own hands
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